Timber’s first product is now set to be a door chime,

ready to welcome you home with a sound system designed

to bring relaxation and comfort.

Gentle sound welcomes a guest…

“Timbre” chimes when a family member arrives home…

Even though the door chime plays various roles,

we focus on the purpose that “Timbre” helps people to reboot

one’s mind with gentle sound when they open the door.

We would like to present you something special moments,

like breeziness, relaxation and comfort.

Timbre Door Chime Series


The sound of our door chimes are crafted to bring back fond memories of days gone by. The soft and gentle sound fits comfortably with the acoustic environment typical to an entrance door.

Magnet:ネオジウム φ10×5mm 2個

Suggested retail price:4,300円(税込4,515円)

  • Tama(ホワイト)ホワイト
  • Tama(グリーン)グリーン
  • Tama(ライトブルー)ライトブルー
  • Tama(オレンジ)オレンジ
  • Tama(ダークブラウン)ダークブラウン

Method of mounting: magnet
Most doors of Japanese condominiums are made from iron, so that ‘Timbre’ is easy to apply. When your door is made from other materials, please use the attached iron plate.

To hear a sample of our “Tama” door chime, please click here.



Product Manual(PDF)をご覧いただけます。